Arthroscopy has different "Surgical Techniques" and, according to the school that develops them, they have different methods to make them known. They try to reach the best "Clinical Results". The Training Centers are an ideal environment to receive this knowledge.
The CLEA arthroscopy courses show the development of the "European School", which publishes excellent clinical results.

We invite you to participate in these Academic Courses in surgical techniques and enjoy the knowledge of one of the best schools in the world.





The CLEA is an institution of Higher Education and Knowledge generation.
Its mission is to collaborate with the quality of life of humanity through the creation and sustainable management of the best Spanish-speaking training and entertainment space in the world, in the medical field of mini-invasive surgeries.

Its founding values ​​are:
• Ethics.
• The scientific-academic rigor.
• The avant-garde in surgical techniques.
• Promote the best clinical results.

This has led CLEA to be recognized as one of the most prestigious professional forums for training and scientific dissemination in its fields of references.
Its activity counts on the endorsement and control of the most recognized voices of the discipline, as well as as international institutions and leading companies in the sector.












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